Nonprofit Startup Series

Taught by Certified Nonprofit Fundraising Professional, Robin Thompson, MS

Each class will build on the content taught in the previous session. Registration is $15 per class or $45 if you sign up for the series ($15 savings). If you miss a class in the series you will be able to download a specially-designed on-demand version after the class concludes, also $15. We encourage live attendance when possible to be able to ask questions and get the most out of the discussion. Class attendees will receive a recording of the live class as a part of the registration fee. 

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Time: 12pm – 1pm
Cost: $15

Are you considering starting a nonprofit, but don’t know where to begin? If only there was a “Shark Tank” for Nonprofits similar to the popular television show where entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to potential investors. Then you could get funding and launch your idea to change the world. In this presentation you’ll learn what you need to know to take the next step towards either deciding to form a nonprofit or not.

Specifically, you will get essential information on: 

  • Kinds of groups that can and can’t form a nonprofit
  • The benefits and disadvantages to a 501(c)(3)
  • How to obtain funding to get started
  • Next steps for setting up the nonprofit

Time: 12pm – 1pm
Cost: $15

After you have researched and decided to start a nonprofit, where do you start? There are right and wrong ways to move forward. Attend this session and learn what you should and should not do and how best to establish your organization.

Specifically, you’ll get essential information on:
• Steps for establishing a nonprofit
• What and where to file for 501(c)(3) status
• What to include in your by-laws

Time: 12pm – 1pm
Cost: $15

After you have filed your paperwork, now you need to start raising money. But where do you start without a donor list or supporters? Obtaining funding for a new nonprofit can be more difficult initially than when you become established. Exploring possibilities, creating systems and beginning to have conversations will benefit the organization and start raising money.

Specifically, you’ll get essential information on:
• Assessing where to find donors
• Exploring peer-to-peer fundraising, memberships, programs and events
• Marketing and advertising

Time: 12pm – 1pm
Cost: $15

The programs that your nonprofit offers will be the why the organization exists. You will need to determine how you will deliver the programming and if you will have paid staff or volunteers. A well-designed plan for how to carry out the programs will ensure the success of serving your constituents and obtaining funding. The software needed to operate your nonprofit and what should be on the website will be discussed.

Specifically, you’ll get essential information on:
• Donor database overview
• Program and event synopsis
• Ideas for website analysis


Certified Nonprofit Fundraising Professional, Robin Thompson, MS, has fundraising and leadership experience as Vice President of Development at the Vail Valley Foundation and Oregon Institute of Technology plus as Executive Director of the Oregon Tech Foundation and Vail Christian High School. Over the last several years she has worked with many nonprofits in the mountains of Colorado, across the US and internationally helping them be more successful in raising money.

Robin earned a Certificate in Fundraising Management from Indiana University School of Philanthropy, a MS Degree from the University of Utah and a BS Degree from West Virginia University. She is the author of two books: Putting the FUN in Fundraising: The Secrets to Raising More Money, Faster and Easier and Know Stress to No Stress—A Guide to Achieving Life Balance. Robin has been a professional speaker for 25 years.

Top 10 Considerations for Small Business Loans

If you are considering a loan for your business now or in the future, come to learn the top ten most important aspects to understand in order to be prepared. Nicole Christianson of Colorado Lending Source will go through each of these in an open discussion with questions encouraged. The goal is for every participant to have a better understanding and be more prepared for taking on business debt. No cost to attend, sign up using links below. 

Sponsored and hosted by Colorado Lending Source in partnership with the Northwest SBDC.

Google Trainings & Resources

March 9: Make Your Website Work For You 

Time: 10am – 11am
Cost:  No cost to attend

Learn how to create a search-friendly website that drives user action and supports your goals. 

  • What type of design works best for your organization
  • How to create a website that drives toward your business goals
  • How to make your website more search-friendly on Google
April 13: Get Your Local Business on Google Maps and Search

Time: 10am – 11am
Cost:  No cost to attend

Learn about Google My Business, a free tool for local businesses who want to connect with customers on Google Search and Maps. 

  • Create or claim your Business Profile on Google
  • Manage your business info across Google Search and Maps
  • Use Google My Business to connect with potential customers
  • Create a free website using the info from your Business Profile

Business Model Canvas Workshop:
Create a one-page business plan

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An 8-module, self-paced series with downloadable templates

Did you know that 7 out of 10 reasons businesses fail are related to inadequate cash flow? In a world where cash is king, cash flow is the lifeblood of every business. Learn how to leverage cash flow as a financial planning tool and start making better business decisions today.
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