Sharable information and resources about the Northwest SBDC

If your organization supports businesses in Northwest Colorado, then you are our partner and we are yours. This toolkit provides an overview of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) service model and marketing tools to promote technical assistance resources to your networks.

What We Do

The Northwest Colorado Small Business Development Center exists to serve dedicated entrepreneurs and business owners who want to strengthen their path to success by utilizing the powerful partnerships of a statewide small business network. 

NWSBDC Services


Our core services:
• No-cost, one-on-one, confidential consulting
• Live webinar presentations and workshops
• On-demand webinars and eLearning videos
• Credible resources and templates

NWSBDC Audience


We support entrepreneurs and small businesses in the ten rural counties of Northwest Colorado: Eagle, Clear Creek, Garfield, Gilpin, Grand, Jackson, Moffat, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Routt, and Summit.

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NWSBDC Mission


The Northwest SBDC aims to deliver equal access to guided consultancy and educational resources in order to develop and strengthen small businesses at any stage from concept to conclusion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Northwest SBDC serves businesses located in the counties of Clear Creek, Eagle, Garfield, Gilpin, Grand, Jackson, Moffat, Pitkin, Rio Blanco, Routt, and Summit. The Colorado SBDC is divided into 14 regions, all of which are part of one statewide network that delivers the same core services. If you aren’t in the Northwest region, view the Colorado SBDC service map.

Please direct people to our website to register for an appointment. This is a required step to sign the legal disclaimers, so it will greatly speed up the access to services to go here first. SBDC staff is available to assist anyone who may need help to complete the online form. After the registration is received, SBDC staff will contact the client to review next steps and to schedule a consultant. 

The quick answer is: business owners want it! Feedback has shown that remote consulting and virtual training are more convenient for busy entrepreneurs; providing maximum flexibility when engaging with the Northwest SBDC. Additionally, focusing on virtual services allows our Center to more effectively and efficiently allocate our time, funds, and resources. 

While the Northwest SBDC doesn’t facilitate live events, all in-person training events offered through any Center in the Colorado SBDC Network are open to anyone, regardless of their “home” Center. Current offerings can be found at the Event/Workshop Database. In-person events are indicated by red map icons. Another good resource for in-person trainings and events is your local Chamber of Commerce or similar organization.

The Northwest SBDC does not host networking events. Because our region is so geographically diverse – at over 20,000 square miles – this type of event organizing is best left to local entities within counties and towns. Regional Chambers of Commerce are good starting points to learn about networking opportunities near you.

Unfortunately, the Northwest SBDC doesn’t have the resources to send staff to the many requests for presentations we receive. However; we are working to create media that you can present at your meeting or event that explains the business services, tools, and resources available through the Northwest SBDC.

The Northwest SBDC does not directly award grants or loans, rather we guide businesses in 1:1, no-cost consulting sessions to understand and prepare for funding applications and connect them to both general and specialized funding opportunities.

Contact the Northwest SBDC


Danise Cardona, Program Coordinator
Core program support – client relationships and marketing

Ashley Pynes, Program Manager
Core program support – consulting and training

Erin McCuskey, Regional Director
Strategic partnerships, compliance and growth

Digital Media

Please contact Program Coordinator, Danise Cardona, for print-quality .eps files. The files below may be used in digital media.

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